SIP Integral

Why should I choose SIP Integral?
If you are not a member of a mutual healthcare fund (if you don’t have a basic mutual healthcare cover), then you need the SIP Integral option.

All of your costs for treatment will be refunded to you in full, from the first euro.

Costs of treatment

SIP Integral covers the costs of treatment as from the first euro. No deductible, no limit of indemnity.

Other medical costs

Costs of urgent dental care : 250 EURO/year
Psychotherapy : 9 sessions
Physiotherapy : 12 sessions

Assistance to persons

SIP offers you :
-repatriation or medical transport : real costs
-early return in case of death of a relative : real costs
-the dispatching of medicines abroad : real costs
-search and rescue costs : real costs
-telecommunication costs : 125 EURO
-assistance in case of loss or theft of travel documents : real costs
-repatriation of the mortal remains : 7.500 EURO
-legal assistance : 5.000 EURO
-transport and accommodation costs of 2 family members in case of serious illness or mortal danger of the insured : 7.500 EURO

Luggage and household effects

Luggage : 1.500 EURO
Household effects : 5.000 EURO

Civil liability in private life

The SIP covers civil liability in private life following Royal Decree of 12 Jan 1984:
physical damage : 19,446,712.44 EURO
material damage : 972,335.62 EURO
deductible : 125.00 EURO
based on the index of November 2003 (hirer’s liability also insured)

Capital in case of death or invalidity

Death due to an accident : 5.000 EURO
Permanent invalidity due to an accident : 75.000 EURO


The amount of the premium (above 25 EURO) will be refunded if the student has to return to his/her home country for an unexpected reason.

The premium

The premium is calculated per insured day :
1,17 EURO/day taxes excluded
Administration costs :
3,50 EURO/person (minimum premium/person : 25 EURO)
Ogone online payment service will allow you to pay the premium after submitting your application.
You can make quickly and securely payment online with Bancontact/VISA/MasterCard

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Status at the destination

(*) Applicable for a familiy member of an insured person with a SIP or EMIS2 policy number.