Extra cover Options

It is also possible to enhance your SIP insurance package with extra cover for winter sport, underwater sport, caving or trip cancellation.

Trip cancellation cover

The SIP covers trip cancellation, departure delay and interruption: 1,200 EURO.

Cancellation option: 38,45 EURO/person, taxes excluded (EUR 42,00 incl. taxes 9,25%)

This option is only available for students travelling from the Members States of the European Union.

Winter sport, underwater sport, caving cover

If you enjoy extreme sports such as skiing, deep-sea diving or caving and have the opportunity of indulging in your favorite sport while you are abroad, SIP will provide you with the risk cover you need. For more information, see General Conditions.

Winter sport, underwater sport, speleology option : 0,15 EURO/day, taxes excluded (EUR 0,16- incl taxes 9,25%)
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(*) Applicable for a familiy member of an insured person with a SIP or EMIS2 policy number.