Claim Forms & Procedure

You can claim by using the interactive link: or follow the procedure below.

There are 2 claims forms available.

For claims limited to medical expenses under 250 EUR, please fill in the Claim Form
For Medical Expenses (short version).

The General Claim Form must be used for any other claim, i.e. claims for medical expenses above 250 EUR or claims related to another benefit of the coverage (e.g.: civil liability…).

Fill in the claim form:

1/ Add a copy of the doctor bills; invoices and all proof of costs (always KEEP the ORIGINAL bills at least 1 year after refund in your possession, in case the insurer will require these).

2/ Add a copy of the diagnosis and/or prescription of medication or appliances (always KEEP the ORIGINAL bills at least 1 year after refund in your possession, in case the insurer will require these).

3/ Add your account number including IBAN-code, BIC/SWIFT code and the name and address of your bank, as well as your home address.

4/ Clearly indicate date and description of the illness/injury. (If the Insurer doesn’t know why you went to the doctor they don’t reimburse). Send a scanned version of the claim form and other documents by email to “”.

The claim form needs to be filled in, signed and sent to Chubb.

If you need to send original documents, the postal address is the following:

CHUBB European Group Ltd
Chaussée de la Hulpe 166,
B-1170 Brussels

On-line claim form link:
Medical Costs : Click here
Student travel general : Click here

Your claim will be handled in the soonest way.

Claims are normally handled within 10 working days after notification thereof. The reimbursement of the costs will be done within 10 working days after approval of the complete claim file (= all required documents have been received by post).

Special obligation for persons who are insured under SIP Complement:

If you are insured under SIP Complement, this means that you are registered at the Social Security or have a basic mutual healthcare cover that offers reimbursement in your country of destination.

Consequently, you have to send to Chubb, along with your claim form, the evidence of refund issued by the Social Security + a copy of your bill (as your original bill has already been sent to the Social Security). Chubb will reimburse you the costs remaining at your charge after the intervention of the Social Security/ health fund for a covered accident/illness.

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(*) Applicable for a familiy member of an insured person with a SIP or EMIS2 policy number.