Dear Student, In the light of recent changes, Marsh has decided to put the subscription of the individual student policy on hold for an undetermined period. This means that it will no longer be possible to subscribe to new or extend the individual policies. For all active policies, there will be no changes in terms of coverage or claims procedure for the active period. We will keep the website online till the end of 2024 so active policyholders can consult their policy until the expiry date of the policy. If you have any questions regarding an existing active contract, please feel free to address them to the following email address:

If you are going to spend some time abroad as part of your studies, work experience or exchange project be sure to be adequately insured to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

The SIP can be purchased by students, scientists, members of the educational staff, spouse, children ( > 5 years old ). We advise you to carefully consult the FAQ and Claim Forms section before applying as these sections provide really useful information.

Basic Solutions:
SIP Complement: € 0.70 / day (Premium excluding taxes)
SIP Integral: € 1.17 / day (Premium excluding taxes)

What happens if you fall ill, need to go to the dentist or are the victim of theft ? From now on you can take out a special insurance package that covers you during your stay in another country. It is called the Student Insurance Program or SIP.

SIP insures medical costs, travel assistance, legal assistance, luggage, personal belongings, civil liability luggage, civil liability, etc. Read more…

EU & OFAC Sanctions (Office of Foreign Assets Control): This insurance does not apply to the extent that resolutions of the United Nations or the trade and economic sanctions, laws or regulations of the European Union, the member states of the European Union, or the United States of America prohibit the Company from providing insurance, including but not limited to the payment of claims or the provision of any other benefit.

In particular, the Company will not pay any claims or provide any other benefits arising out of or relating to any Insured Person whose main residence is in Cuba and/or arising out of or relating to any travel to, from or in Cuba or any travel which starts, ends or has a scheduled stop in Cuba.