Claim Forms & Procedure

To submit a claim you can use the following link:

Important when filing a claim:

  1. Choose the correct type of claim. If you have medical bills, choose “Medical Expenses”. Does it concern a travel claim? Then please choose “Travel Claims”.
  2. Add the copies of your (medical) documents and (medical) bills at the end of the claim process (Always keep the original documents up to a year after the claim, as they can still be requested by the insurer!).
  3. Be clear in your descriptions, the more and the clearer information the insurer has, the quicker the claim can be processed.
  4. Please don’t forget to add your contact information and bank account number (BIC and IBAN) as they are important to finalize your claim.
  5. In case of additional costs for an existing claim please submit these by email to, or upload them to your existing claim through your Token ID.

If you’re having trouble filling out the online claim form, you can contact Chubb by telephone at the number +32 251 69 783. Less urgent questions can be asked by email on the address

So please submit your claim online, it’s fast and easy on Claims will be processed within 10 working days after the claim is submitted. The reimbursement will take place within 10 working days after Chubb has received the necessary evidence.

The following only applies to people with a SIP Complement Coverage.

If you are insured under SIP Complement, this means that you have social security or another primary health care provider that offers insurance coverage in your country of destination. Consequently, apart from your normal medical bills, you will have to send Chubb proof of the refunds provided by your healthcare provider. Chubb will reimburse the remaining costs after the intervention of the social security or healthcare provider.

In case you prefer to send the claim form by mail you can download it here. Please note that the claims process will take longer when it is sent by email compared to the online form found at Chubb’s address is

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